At Parkview Student Ministry we love to have fun! Sometimes though it costs money for us to do things and we know that money can be tight at times. So we have a bunch of different ways to help students finance events. When retreats, or mission trips, or big outings come up in our calendar we will post about fundraising opportunities. Some of them include car washes, Chic-Fil-A Spirit Nights, Banquets, etc.

If you are currently interested in looking to make money to put towards future events at Parkview, we have some great opportunities that you can get started on now! On Sunday afternoons you can volunteer to stack chairs in the worship center before youth group beginning at 4:00pm, or talk to Todd or Nick about more opportunities to bank some cash for fun times at Parkview.

Parkview Student Ministries also offers scholarships for certain trips and you can talk to Todd or Nick about this as well!

If you are interested in fundraising with us for future events don’t hesitate to ask any leader about an opportunity for you to earn money so you can attend some of our events.

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