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Relational Evangelism: Andrew talks about to do life with people and use that to show them the love of God.

Life of Jesus: Todd continues the “life of Jesus” series and looking at how Jesus “fished” for men.

Forgiveness 1: On this Sunday morning, Andrew started the Forgiveness series and looked at where our ability to forgive others come from.

Bad Boys and Girls of the Bible-Ananias and Sapphira: In this lesson, Todd tells the story of how Ananias and Sapphira let their love of money destroy their relationship with God.

Forgiveness 3: How much forgiveness is enough? Andrew teaches that you can never say no to forgiving others.

Bad boys and Girls of the Bible-Absalom: Nick takes a look at the life of King David’s son, Absalom. It is a warning for us against the love of popularity and fame.

Forgiveness 4: Forgiveness is the ultimate expression of love from God. Nick breaks that down for us and teaches us what we are to do next.

Bad boys and girls of the Bible-Delilah: for this lesson, Andrew looks at the story of Delilah and talks about why she betrayed Samson

Defense of the Resurrection: Todd takes this Palm Sunday to look at different theories about the Resurrection.

Bad boys and girls of the Bible-Judas: Nick wraps up this series by studying Judas. We often don’t look at the life of Judas, and it sheds some light on why Judas betrayed Jesus.

Jesus and your image: To kick us off on our new series, Nick starts to look at how Jesus was shown in the Bible, compared to our personal image.

Truth Is…Honesty: In this new four week series on Sunday nights, Andrew talks about how if we want to live like Jesus, we need to live in the Truth. And also we need to live Honestly.

Jesus and your Image: For this Sunday morning, Nick continues our series of Jesus and your image, specifically about how fear can distort our image.

Truth Is…Life: In the third week of this series, Todd is explaining how to live truthfully is to actually live. If we live in the truth of God, He will give us life, and life abundantly.

Truth is…Absolute: To end our series of truth is, Nick wraps it up by stating that truth is absolute. Meaning, it doesn’t change. Truth is truth no matter how you look at it.




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