What you can do:

Pray for us

Prayer is a mighty weapon and a powerful tool through which great things can be accomplished for the kingdom of God! Without prayer ministries would flounder and fall apart, and as a parent or guardian of a student in SI or J Life you can pray for your student, the volunteers, and the ministry. Pray that God would help us make disciples, that students would grow in their faith, that the Word of God would resonate within these walls, this city, and the world as we seek to minister to students.


We are always looking for new volunteers to help with SI and J Life. Whether you want to help with Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, or whatever, we welcome the help. We are looking for people who love high school students, people who enjoy being around middle school students, people who can laugh at themselves, people who have a desire to teach and see students grow in their relationship with God, and people who love to have a fun and crazy time. If this is something that peaks your interest and makes you excited, then you need to contact Todd or Nick asap and let them know!

We ask that all our volunteers read and sign off on a variety of forms and statements designed to protect them and our students that we serve. One of the primary forms is our Standards of Conduct that outlines the appropriate interactions and standards we hold our staff and volunteers to. If you are interested you can see a copy of that form here: Standards of conduct. All interested volunteers will receive a hard copy to be read and signed upon a meeting with our student ministry staff.

Get to know your student’s small group leaders

Our volunteer leaders are amazing men and women who truly love to serve students and their families. They do this in many capacities through our program including Sunday morning programming, Sunday night youth group, Wednesday night leadership team, and discipleship and mentoring relationships. All small groups are lead with at least two leaders to help facilitate conversation, growth, and community with their students. We would encourage all parents and guardians to talk with and meet their student’s leaders and find out what their student(s) are learning, how they can be mentored, and what is happening in their student’s lives.


Current Series

Sunday Morning: Nehemiah (Spring 2017)

J Life (Sunday Night): Following Jesus (Spring 2017)

Student Impact (Sunday Night): Context (Spring 2017)

SALT: Getting Into the Bible (Spring 2017)

Deep Impact: Deep Discipleship (Spring 2017)

Ways to help

If you want to help out the SI or J Life ministry at Parkview Church, there are so many ways you can do that. You can donate monetarily, you could donate your time, you could provide snacks for Sunday or Wednesday nights, or you could donate supplies for trips and outings. If these or any other options sound like something you would love to do then please let us know and send Todd an email.


Great Website Resources

Mingling of Souls

~This is a great website put together by Matt Chandler (pastor at Village Church) to talk about the hot button issues of dating, marraige, and sex! If you are wondering what students are facing, what the Bible says about those issues, and how you should deal with it, definitely check out this site!

Jonathan’s Blog

~Jonathan McKee is a youth group veteran who now offers a ton of great resources and insight into growing future youth leaders. His blog hits everything from fun stories, to dos and don’ts of youth ministry, to cultural trends with teens! This is always a good read for a youth leader.

Center for Parents/Youth Understanding

~The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. This website offers top tens in media of all types, great insight into cultural trends with teens, and a range of discussions broken down by topics! For some really good and insightful reading, check out this website.

Have a student struggling with lust, porn, or sexuality?

~Check out xxxchurch.com. they have some great blogs and posts about these kind of topics. The website also has software you can purchase and download on to computers for internet security. They also have an app for Iphone and Android. There are also a number of books available at Parkview that addresses these topics. Fight the new drug also has some great resources to look at as well. Any of the Parkview Student Ministries staff would love to come along side you and your student and to help in any way we can.

Suggested Resources

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