This page is designed to be a resource page for all of our leaders! We will be posting tons of content on here including weekly small group questions for Sunday mornings and Sunday nights, training resources, blogs we find useful or funny, or any other item we think will help to encourage and grow our leaders. This page will be updating each week so check back for some pretty awesome stuff!

 Blogs, Resources, & More

The Source for Youth Ministry

~This is an awesome site filled tons of resources! Check it out for game ideas, small group starters, how to have cool hangouts, movie reviews, song reviews, and so much more!

Jonathan’s Blog

~Jonathan McKee is a youth group veteran who now offers a ton of great resources and insight into growing future youth leaders. His blog hits everything from fun stories, to dos and don’ts of youth ministry, to cultural trends with teens! This is always a good read for a youth leader.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

~The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. This website offers top tens in media of all types, great insight into cultural trends with teens, and a range of discussions broken down by topics! For some really good and insightful reading, check out this website.




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