What is a SI leader?

A SI leader is a college student, a young adult, a married couple, a parent of a student, or anyone who love High School Students and wants to help them in their walk with Jesus. A SI leader is someone who is passionate about God and sharing their experiences, they love students, they want to hang out with students, they can have fun and laugh at themselves, they love games and food, and are willing to listen and be there for High School students.

We ask that all our volunteers read and sign off on a variety of forms and statements designed to protect them and our students that we serve. One of the primary forms is our Standards of Conduct that outlines the appropriate interactions and standards we hold our staff and volunteers to. If you are interested you can see a copy of that form here: Standards of conduct. All interested volunteers will receive a hard copy to be read and signed upon a meeting with our student ministry staff.

Why be a leader?

High School students are looking for people who will actually invest in their lives. They want someone who is willing to listen to them, love them, offer stability in an unstable world, spend time with them, and speak the truth of the Gospel. These students are the future of our church, our country, and our world, and this is our opportunity to invest in them and help them cultivate a Biblical worldview and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Where else do you get to make a meaning impact in a student’s life and have fun at the same time?!

What type of leaders do we need?

We are so glad you asked! There are so many different ways you can serve in SI, here are just a few:

Sound Guru – If you know your tech stuff and love playing music to get people pumped up during game time, then this is the job for you!

Game Leader – Do you love dodgeball? How about crazy or messy games? Do you love seated basketball? Are you willing to run around and have tons of fun?! Then this is where you will fit right in. Don’t worry if you don’t know the games because we will teach them to you and train you!


Small Group Leader – If you have a heart for leading discussions, talking about all things senior high related, laughing super hard, and mixing it up with students, then you found the right place! Our small group leaders will lead Biblically based discussions after a large group section and are the ones who help push our main points home.

Sound Interesting?

Contact Todd or GG to learn more about becoming a leader in Student Impact. They would love to talk to you about it and help find your niche in youth ministry!

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